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Detail Technician

Reports to:  Detail Manager (DM)



Hand washes, Clay Bars, and applies acid, waxes, sealants, and ceramic coatings to the exterior of vehicles. Also, can remove paint imperfections and polish vehicles with orbital and high-speed polishers. Uses air guns, vacuums, high-pressure hot steam, brushes, Magic Erasures, microfiber cloths, enzymes, conditioners, solvents and other chemicals to effectively clean, sanitize and remove stains from all interior surfaces of vehicles.


The goal is to clean and restore a vehicle to a like new, pristine and beautiful condition. 

Detail Technicians are uniformed, take directions from the Detail Manager, cooperate and communicates with their team in a respectful and courteous manner, and maintains their work areas and supplies in a clean, orderly and safe manner according to H2O standards and policies. 

Primary Objective:


A H2O Auto Spa Detail Technician’s main objective is to produce high-quality auto detailing work in an organized, efficient and productive manner according to the tools, methods, techniques and processes defined by H2O Auto Spa.


“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself” –Henry Ford

Job Requirements:


  • All Detail Technicians must have a Valid Louisiana Driver’s License.

  • Must be physically fit, have stamina and be willing and to stand on their feet for long periods of times. 

  • All Detail Technicians must be willing and able to follow instructions and adhere to proper detailing and safety procedures.

  • All Detail Technicians must also be able to take constructive feedback and/or criticism and be a positive and cooperative team member.

  • All Detail Technicians are required to work with equipment and products such as, but not limited to:  vacuums, random orbital polishers, high speed  buffers, air guns and air lines, heated extractors and steamers, Clay Bars, waxes and sealants and solvents. 

  • Be able to sometimes carry buckets filled with liquid as well as moderately heavy cleaning equipment for periods of time (e.g. as vacuums, random orbital polishers, and heated extractors.)

  • Be able to regularly lift spare tires, seats, etc.

  • Be able to bend and kneel frequently in the course of cleaning vehicles throughout the day.

  • Mastering the various H2O Detail washing, drying, claying, cleaning, waxing, polishing and sealing procedures—all of which require strength, focus and the ability to concentrate

  • Be able to understand and be willing to follow all H2O policies, processes and rules.  


Responsibilities and Duties:


Managing Productivity and Quality


  • All Detail Technicians must follow the order and processes as prescribed for each detail treatment as directed by H2O management—The H2O Way. Failure to follow these protocols will result in disciplinary actions up to and including termination.

  • Maintaining H2O quality standards at all times is extremely important to the success of the detail technician and to the company. Short-cuts, not following proper procedures, sloppy, disorganized work or repeatedly failing the QC Process will lead to disciplinary actions including termination.

  • Speed—the ability to efficiently problem solve and organize yourself, your tools and all the proper products to effectively clean and restore vehicles quickly--only comes with time and practice! T

  • All work must follow H2O STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES (SOPS) including the correct and accurate completion of all paper and digital work tasks (Work Orders, digital Input, photos, and Quality Control Sheets (QC)

  • The Detail Technician is solely responsible for the quality and thoroughness of his or her work on each vehicle.The Detail Tecnician guarantees that each vehicle has met all of H2O quality standards when he or she personally signs the Quality Control (QC) sheet.

  • Under no circumstances may any of the QC Checklists, Work Order Forms or digital Information be falsified, left incomplete or be signed before a QC check is completed. Serious disciplinary actions, up to termination may result.




  • All Detail Technicians must report to work on time, be in uniform and conduct themselves with professionalism at all times.

  • All Detail Technicians must be fully acquainted with and abide by all the rules and policies contained in the H2O Auto Spa Employee Handbook.

  • All employees are required to treat each other in the manner they would like to be treated—the Golden Rule—with respect, courtesy and professionalism.

  • Any interactions with H2O’s business clients, and or dealership staff or customers must always be polite, considerate and professional.



  • Worksite Safety: All Detail Technicians must understand and abide by all H2O Auto Spa safety standards and practices and wear the appropriate safety equipment.

  • The Detail Technician is responsible for helping the Site or Detail Manager keep the common work areas and overall site clean, organized and safe. Routine clean-up and other tasks may be assigned as needed.

  • Monthly Safety Meetings: The Detail Technician is responsible for attending monthly safety meetings as required.  


Inventory Control


  • The Detail Technician, in coordination with his Supervisor or Manager, must ensure that they have all the tools, products and equipment to do their job properly and efficiently.

  • To instill a sense of ownership, limit waste and prevent loss, all Detail Technicians are charged a nominal fee of 5% on all products assigned to them and used in the performance of their job duties.

  • Detail Technicians are responsible for the care and proper use all the products and tools in their possession.

  • All inventory requests for chemicals, paints, dyes, forms, office supplies, and/or detailer supplies, etc. must be submitted to the Operations Manager or GM for approval using proper procurement forms.


Other Responsibilities


  • Detail Technicians must ensure that all required documentation is accurate, complete and properly filled out before and after any detail treatment. When the work is completed, the Detail Technician turns in their daily Work Order Sheets and/or QC checklists to the Detail Manager to be reviewed and filed.


Personal Qualities


  • Ability to handle the pressures of a fast-paced work environment, work long hours, and handle manual labor.

  • Detail-oriented with strong organization skills.

  • Ability to stay focused and on task for extended periods of time.

  • Ability to be a team player.

  • Desire to learn and grow.

  • Ability to take direction and constructive feedback for improved performance.

  • Willing to communicate and resolve conflicts in a positive manner.

  • Ability to embrace and embody H20’s philosophy and values at all times.


The rewards of being an H2O Auto Detail Technician

  • The pride of knowing you do high-quality, professional work that makes a big difference.

  • Being in control of how much money you make.

  • Doing work that you enjoy!

  • Developing life-long knowledge and valuable skills.

  • A Master Detailer is always in demand—there are only very few people who know how to properly and professionally detail and restore all sorts of vehicles.

  • The friendship and team spirit of being on a winning team.

  • Being part of company that is value-based, ethical, and professional.

  • The excitement and opportunity of being part of a rapidly growing company.


H2o Auto Spa is an Equal Opportunity Employer as well as a Drug-Free Workplace. We reserve the right to administer a drug screening to determine employment eligibility and we may also perform a background check as a condition of employment.

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