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Benefits Include:

Revenue Growth

Producing a fast turn-rate and a high-quality product significantly drives dealer revenue.

More attractive and clean vehicles on your lot sell faster and for more money.

Quality Control

Our process is multistage, rigorous, & documented. We create consistent, high-quality results that can be measured. 

The final approval is always with the dealership.


We use inventory tracking software to monitor every vehicle through the detail department multiple times a day.

We are goal oriented and have some of the lowest vehicle turn rates in the industry.

Customer Service

Ongoing and open communication is the key to maintaining positive and productive relationships with our clients.

We meet with dealership managers weekly to ensure complete satisfaction.


With our economies of scale and standardized processes, we can move  our uniformed staff and managers around so that the detail department  is always fully functional.

Our performance-based compensation system rewards high-producers & attracts athletic, focused, and competitive employees -- all who thrive in a fast-paced dealership environment.


Our turn-rate saves the dealership money.

The consistent quality of our work makes the dealership more money. 

Our rates are fair and competitive and are adjusted according to the level of work requested & the actual work performed.

We measure our performance  and can provide these metrics to the dealership.

Partnership Strategy

We manage by strength and focus on our core competencies. 

When dealerships partner with us, it allows them to focus on what they do best and allows us to focus on what we do best – an effective and successful strategy.

All successful partnerships are based upon shared values.  We seek out dealership clients who value integrity, professionalism, customer service and quality.

Peace of Mind

We are fully insured and our policies can be reviewed at any time. 

We carefully inspect & document each vehicle for any damage and report any findings to the dealership immediately. 

We take pride in treating our clients, staff and partners with the same honesty, integrity and care we would want for ourselves.

The Golden Rule.

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A few or our current clients:

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